Based in Colorado USA, this non-profit organization was founded in 2017. After spending 25 years in Corporate America working in the energy sector our founder, Juliette Winningham, felt the call to charitable contributions. In a quest to create something meaningful, she was motivated to establish the FreeBird Foundation of Evergreen, Co. We believe that every child in this world deserves an equal degree of care and love. With our vision of “Changing the world one child at a time”, we believe that we can direct future generations in a positive direction and thus, do our part in building a better world.


Our Motivation

Certainly, we are not the first charitable cause to exist and many before us have done their part to raise upright the most of social welfare. In a bid to follow those who have come before us, we strive to do our part by primarily focusing our efforts on uplifting women and educating our children. As such, a large percentage of the profits that we gain from our book series are earmarked for charitable causes and contributions. It is our earnest belief that creation with a purpose will help us all build a better future.

Our Values

Our core values are based upon equal love, care, and providing opportunity for everyone in need. Recognizing that we all share a common human experience, our goals start with the basics; feeding and healing one family at a time, giving a helping hand to underprivileged women in our communities, and last but not least, providing a loving and supportive environment for our children in an effort to set them up for a future full of wonderful possibilities. This is what we stand for.

Our Vision

Our mission statement is “Changing the World, One Child at a Time.” And we really mean it! It is our vision to foster a generation of children whose values are based upon equal love, care, and opportunity for everyone in need. With the publication of our Children’s book series, Bruno’s Amazing Adventures, we sincerely hope to teach children not only about ethical conduct but how to emotionally regulate themselves and choose the best possible path forward in their own lives. It is through the education of the next generation that we hope to build a brighter tomorrow.

Our Mission

To accomplish our vision, we have planned a series of books featuring Bruno the Bernese Mountain Dog, a compassionate superhero who teaches kindness and acceptance of those who may be different from us, by way of experiencing compassion for ourselves and others. By leveraging our team’s extensive marketing experience, we hope to establish a wide fan base among children and parents alike. With this accomplished, a large percentage of our earnings will be funneled directly back into our local communities and charitable organizations of all stripes; ranging from domestic abuse counseling for teens to environmental conservation programs, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Latest Blog Post

Check out our blog for the latest on what we’re doing to grow our organization. Here you can follow our mission progress and see the work were doing within the community.


I was shocked and stunned when Juliette asked me to contribute to her wonderful series. I’m thrilled to be a part of such a valuable project to educate and uplift our children.

- Duane Barone, MA