The FreeBird Foundation of Evergreen, CO Launches the Second Book in its Children’s Series Bruno’s Amazing Adventures

Founder and CEO Juliette Winningham of The FreeBird Foundation of Evergreen, CO, along with Co-Author Chad Scott, the Founder of Conservation Diver, announced today that they will be launching Book 2 of the children’s series, “Bruno’s Amazing Adventures” on Apr. 26, 2020. The launch of book two “Bruno’s Amazing Adventures: The Adventures of Tua Pru”, co-written with Nicholas Kistler, will serve to highlight the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation work of programs like Conservation Diver, as well as tackling issues of courage in the face of illness and adversity, encapsulated in a family-friendly narrative format.

This is the second book of a 30-book children’s series entitled Bruno’s Amazing Adventures. This three-year initiative is being co-created with 30 foundations from around the world to boost visibility and funding for some amazing causes. Years one and two (2020 & 2021) are focused on causes within the United States. While in year three (2022), Bruno the Bernese mountain dog will tackle social causes from around the world. Each book includes a superhero animal that Bruno befriends as they work together to meet the Foundations’ mission statement of, “Changing the world, one child at a time.”

This second book and other books in the series will be available for purchase as hard-bound volumes or e-books through the Amazon Marketplace as well as other retailers including Barnes and Noble and independent bookstores. To learn more, visit The FreeBird Foundation of Evergreen, CO Website,

Founded by Juliette Winningham in 2017, the purpose of The FreeBird Foundation of Evergreen, CO is to uplift underprivileged communities in an organic fashion, by making sure the most vulnerable of our society, our children and our environment are afforded a brighter future. Since 2017, the team of The Freebird Foundation Evergreen, CO has been striving to bring a sense of joy and togetherness to communities around Colorado. The Foundation prides itself on the creation of fictional works designed to be timely, relevant, and to inspire a sense of wellbeing among its audience.